Celebrating on a Budapest Danube Cruise

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 30th birthday on a Budapest Danube Cruise in Hungary.

The destination of our trip remained a secret up until the very last moment, therefore I was pleasantly surprised to get on the plane heading for Budapest.

Our whole trip was great, many of us have been to Budapest before and we were all super stoked to return.

We have done some of the usual sights like the Parliament and the City Park. We have even gone to Széchenyi Thermal Bath for a little chill session.

The best part of our break, however, was my birthday celebration that took place on a Budapest Danube Cruise. We arrived at the dock 11 a little before departure and were seated shortly after. Following our departure, we ordered some snacks and as it was included in our ticket we had access to unlimited beer.  Throughout this 75-minute Budapest Danube Cruise we saw some divine sights like the Castle or the National Museum, we ate a bit and had our fair share of beer.

It was truly an amazing experience and the perfect way to warm up for the night that followed.

I can honestly say that spending my birthday on a Budapest Danube Cruise was a great surprise and it definitely makes for a memory of which I will always think fondly.

budapest danube cruise

What else we offer you during Budapest Stay – Cruises, City tours, Dinner and Nightlife

Have you ever Wonder about a romantic trip to Budapest? 4 days 3 nights with high-quality programs during your stay. Best restaurants, bars, and tours in Budapest! Are you looking for a trip like this? We can help you to find the most popular things to do in Budapest. Read our small article about what you can do during a couple days that you spend in Budapest.

Firstly, let me offer you a great walking tour in Budapest. Few hours on your feet with an English guide who help you to see the best parts of the city including Parliament, Buda Castle, Matthias Church buildings and bridges, such as Chain Bridge, Liberty bridge.

During the tour, you have a possibility to chill and take a wonderful picture. We offer this tour for those who would like to save some money and get a lot of information about the city. It is not only optional for individuals or groups but also great for couples as a romantic tour. Don’t worry about your age, you cannot keep the speed with the group, everyone has enough time to do what they want.

Secondly, we keep something special for everybody who visits Budapest. A very romantic live piano music with live songs, special 4-course fine dining menu on a luxurious boat on Danube River. You can see the parliament building as you have never seen it before.

3 hours city tour with international songs from Frank Sinatra or Celine Dion. Surprise your partner with a glass of champagne and piece of rose on your dinner table. It could be wonderful memories for life.

Finally, our specialities are waiting for you. Do you plan to visit Budapest during winter time, moreover you want to be here at Christmas time or New Year’s Day? It is a very brilliant time being in the Hungarian Capital.


Usually, the temperature in Hungary at winder is under 0 Celsius but it is still okay if you have a winter jacket with you. The Christmas market opens at the end of November and closes the first week of January. There you can see many providers of handmade souvenirs or foods, such as salami or palinka or Hungarian goulash. If you arrive at New Year’s Day, you can also see the market, however, we offer you to try more programs than that. Have you ever seen the river Danube with a many ice cube that is swimming on water? It is a wonderful time to drink a hot tea or boiled wine which can help for your hands to not being cold.